Honey Fermented Garlic

September 13, 2019

Summer is winding down and that means that cold and flu season is well on its way. Honey fermented garlic is food as medicine on steroids. It’s a good idea to have some on hand when you feel that tickle in your throat, signaling a cold coming on.

Recently, a not so common summer cold spread through our community and my daughter and I caught it. We ate some of the garlic cloves and honey. Our colds disappeared overnight before it could even turn into a full-blown illness. I’m now a believer!

What Makes Honey Fermented Garlic so Effective?

Honey, in its unpasteurized form, possesses antimicrobial properties. It’s also a very effective cough suppressant and is soothing to the throat. Raw honey also contains beneficial bacteria, another nice boost for your immune system and gut health.

raw honey

The active compound in garlic is called Allicin. Garlic produces allicin as a defense mechanism when it gets crushed or broken. That’s not such good news for bugs trying to take a bite. For humans, however, its a powerful antibacterial and antifungal.

garlic bulbs

Honey and garlic are both very effective remedies on their own. Combining them to make honey fermented garlic brings them to a whole other level.

How to Make Honey Fermented Garlic

Making honey fermented garlic is so simple, that it needs very little guidance.

Peel your garlic cloves, place them in a jar, and pour some raw honey over them. Cover your jar with an airtight lid and wait. It’s pretty straight forward, but here are a few tips:

  • Burp your jar every couple days. In the beginning, it will get very active and pressure will build. you will only need to do this for the first week or so.
  • Flip your jar, shake, or stir up your honey garlic every couple of days. The garlic cloves will usually float to the top of the honey. Keeping the garlic coated in honey will prevent spoilage.
  • Allow it to ferment as long as you can. The longer your honey fermented garlic sits, the more potent it becomes.
  • Use good quality ingredients. Raw local honey and fresh locally grown garlic will give you the best results.

How to Use Honey Fermented Garlic

  • When you feel a cold coming on, eat a clove of the garlic, a spoonful of the honey, or both.
  • To soothe a sore throat and give your immunity a boost, use some of the honey in your tea. Wait till it has cooled to add the honey, too much heat will kill the beneficial microorganisms.
  • Eat a clove a day to prevent illness.
  • Use in recipes for marinades, salad dressings, and more. It’s delicious!
  • Mix the honey with some raw apple cider vinegar, lemon, and warm water for an extra powerful immunity boost.

Cold and flu season will be here before you know it. It’s time to get your honey fermented garlic started so you can steer clear of the runny noses and sore throats.

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Honey Fermented Garlic

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By Curie Ganio
Prep Time: 20 min Cooking Time: 90 days

Honey fermented garlic is a simple but powerful home remedy for the common cold. flu, and many others. It also makes delicious marinades and dressings.


  • 15-20 Garlic Cloves
  • 1-2 C Raw Local Honey



Peel the garlic by slightly crushing it with the flat side of a large knife and removing the skin.


Place the cloves in a glass jar and pour the honey over the garlic.


Place an airtight lid on the jar and allow to ferment at room temperature for at least 3 months. The longer the better though.


Flip the jar over or stir every couple days.


Occasionally burp the jar, it will get very active and bubbly in the beginning and will create gas.


Be sure to leave an inch or two at the top of the jar for when it gets bubbly.

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